Midwife to Gaza

Learning about Midwife-led Birth under Occupation and Siege

Oct 11, 2015

My plans to travel to Gaza for October, my first return as a midwife, are indefinitely postponed due to the extended state of emergency in the Sinai desert, my only access to Gaza via the Rafah border. I am determined to get back to Gaza, but I am (with frustration) finally accepting that it may be later rather than sooner. My work means I can’t (as I could in the past) set off at the drop of a hat if things change; I have to arrange quite a way ahead not to have birthing women who need me here at home. Donations for the Gaza trip remain set aside for when it does happen, and I’m happy also to redirect them as requested; some of the funds are going (with consent from the donors) each month to help support a lovely Gaza family who I spent a lot of time with in 2008/9.

If you’d like to read more about Palestine birth, here are some links…

July 12 2014: Israel-Gaza conflict takes toll on pregnant women

Aug 1 2014: Gaza’s “miracle baby” dies after power blackout

Aug 7 2014: Tens of thousands in need of maternal health services in Gaza

Aug 8 2014: Occupied Palestinian Territory Gaza Emergency Report

Aug 11 2014: Giving birth under bombardment

Right to Safe Childbirth focus of WHO campaign, 2013

The Lancet (2013): Midwives’ and Womens’ views of childbirth in the Gaza Strip, OPT: an exploratory study

UNICEF: The Newborn Child – Improving Survival in Gaza

Gaza Strip (2012): Conference promotes safe childbirth

Midwifery-led Childbirth in Gaza (WHO, 2011)

No Safe Place for Childbirth: Women and Midwives Bearing Witness, Gaza 2008-2009

Gaza mothers, newborns, stuggle under siege, 2009

Filmclip of midwife Feeza Shraim who improvised a Beit Hanoun out-of-hospital birth space under 2009 attacks

Midwives for Peace: Palestinian and Israeli Midwives

Palestine: The Safe Birth Project


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