June 29 Saltaire 7pm: invitation

…I’m hosting the below event and would love to chat with midwives & mums there…

what, why, and how you can help this civilian mission

Monday 29th June @7pm, Saltaire Canteen,
79 Victoria Rd, BD18 3JS, 1 min from Saltaire train station

Flotilla 2015Speaker James Godfrey, Campaign Team,

International Committee for Breaking the Siege of Gaza

This month, a flotilla of boats carrying volunteers from around the world is meeting, ready to sail to Gaza and break Israel’s blockade. In previous similar attempts, boats have been rammed and stolen, volunteers have been kidnapped or killed by commandos boarding from helicopters – and yet five times, boats have successfully reached welcoming crowds in Gaza port. Can your help from here in the UK aid boats, cargo and volunteers to arrive safely to where they are so desperately needed?

James will be introduced by writer and midwife Sharyn Lock, author of “Gaza: Beneath the Bombs” and winner of an Iolanthe Midwives Award to support her return to Gaza

In 2008, Sharyn was on the original Free Gaza boats that were the first to reach Gaza from international waters in over 40 years; she went on to blog from Gaza when Cast Lead attacks began. Now a midwife, she hopes to return to Gaza this year to learn from midwives and mothers about birth in Gaza, and would be delighted to involve anyone interested. “Gaza: Beneath the Bombs”, plus “Freedom Sailors”, and “Here We Stand: Women changing the world” will be on sale for £5-£10 to help cover James’ costs.

Saltaire Canteen will have drinks on sale, plus snacks on their usual “pay as you feel” basis 🙂

https://ff3.freedomflotilla.org/meet those on board, track the boats now

www.midwifetogaza.wordpress.com– check in ready for trip

http://saltairecanteen.co.uk/ – for “pay as you feel” meals reducing waste


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