Summer 2015 Update

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The latest is…

I’m having some email chats with a Gaza midwife who I connected with via amazing midwife Amanda Burleigh’s Optimal Cord Clamping international networking. It’s a good beginning for Gaza birth networking 🙂 I am aiming for an October trip…work, Rafah border complexities, and unrest in the Sinai permitting.

Rafah border complexities? I’m glad you asked. Here’s a border story from only a week or two ago, Crossing Rafah. It will give you some idea.

Please follow this blog, and share it round your friends, ready for the trip – especially health professionals and birth workers – and mothers! I’d really like you with me in spirit. If you want me to come and talk to any groups, about my previous Gaza volunteering and to share ideas for this trip, I’d be delighted – leave me a message via comment box below and I will be in touch.


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